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The 60's

HMS Llandaff Commisioning Ceremony 1966.jpg (154323 bytes)


Pictures Curtesy of John Gordon & Vin (shiner) Wright 

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Des de Souza on Hong Kong Peak.jpg (2752684 bytes) Leaving Aden 1966.jpg (289657 bytes) ID Card Photo 1966.jpg (1013598 bytes) Kenny Vaughan, Nobby Hall & Des on Quarterdeck leaving Aden.jpg (1394146 bytes) Vin (Shiner) Wright.jpg (1974201 bytes)
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Launching Starboard Seaboat.jpg (4363119 bytes) Mick Hird (seated), Kenny Vaughan & Unknowns.jpg (1553819 bytes) Mac Head @ Terror Pool.jpg (2087027 bytes) Mac Head, Des, Mick Hird, Tony Richardson, Schutz Shuttleworth, Jock Clow, Kenny Ives (Back to Camera).jpg (2845277 bytes) MacHead Silver Sands R&R 1967.jpg (342298 bytes)

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Pictures with thanks to Roy Luck ----I served on H.M.S. Llandaff from 1962 to 1965. I have come across a couple of photos you might like to put in your collection. the photo of the crowd of blokes was taken in the Armada club  Terror barracks on Xmas day in 1962 the other was taken in Hong Kong I am not sure of the date. The two guys with our hats on are American sailors, I am the one who is second from the left, at that time I was either a junior seaman or an ordinary cant remember maybe some of those in the group photo are still alive. hopefully it is of some use to you. the Commander then was A.S. Stuart.

AB  Goldsmith Training Sheet